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2021 - 2023 Projects

A committee of fellow WELS missionary kids puts together a yearly event that fosters spiritual and relational connections between missionary kids. Understanding our demographic as both cross-cultural kids and children of God helps us navigate the world.
For the last two years, we ran retreats to serve teens and those in early twenties. 

In 2021, we met in Surfside Beach, TX to learn how to be strong and courageous alongside Joshua and the Israelites. 

In 2022, we met at Camp Croix, WI to study the time between Easter and Pentecost, about how important it is to shine our light, and what makes the psyche of TCKs unique. 

In 2023, we met with MKs of all ages, along with spouses and children in fellowship at Lake Williamson Christian Center in IL to study relationships as a TCK.

In 2024, we re-invite all ages (15 above), without spouses, for fellowship at Camp Shiloh in Texas!


 Lake Williamson, IL - Games  


 Lake Williamson, IL - Games  


 Lake Williamson, IL - All generations  

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